About Little Stoke

How we deliver a better quality provision...
Play Station Nursery was founded by a young mum who had a passion for childcare. She saw a need for a friendly, accessible nursery in the local area. A three storey Victorian house in Little Stoke became the perfect location for this project, and so in 2001; Play Station Nursery was born.

21 years on, the staff team are just as committed to offering families not just quality childcare, but a service of support for families in the local community.

Our Vision
At Play Station our vision is something shared and practiced by all who join the nursery. We believe childhood is something that should be relished, never hurried. We help children learn through play in a nurturing, stimulating environment that feels like a home from home. Children feel like part of a family when they are with us, with confidence to explore and challenge themselves through a wide range of experiences. Staff are empowered to guide but not dictate, strengthen but not overpower, and teach but not lecture children. We know that children learn best when enjoying and engaging in their play, so every day children laugh and have fun, learning independence, confidence and understanding of their role in the world in a safe, loving, respectful, environment. Ensuring each child has every opportunity to achieve their full potential has to start at the very beginning of their life, so we recognise the importance of our role in Early Years in helping them progress. Parents as partners/carers are integral in our provision, and we share their children’s progress with them at every step of the way.
The setting
Play Station Nursery is a 41 space nursery providing for children aged 3 months to 5 years old. It is open from 7.45-6.15pm 5 days a week, 51 weeks of the year.

The provision runs from a three storey town house on Station Road in Little Stoke. Local businesses that benefit from our close proximity to the A38 feature Airbus, Rolls Royce and the MOD amongst more. The main building has three floors that accommodate the 0-3 groups, where a cosy, home from home atmosphere ensures that young children and babies feel as happy as can be making the transition from family life to a day at nursery. A large outdoor space featuring construction, sandpit, bikes and trikes and a space to run and climb adjoins the main house with the preschool building at the bottom of the garden. The preschool is a self-contained unit that have their own individual daily routine which gives the children the valuable practice needed for their journey on to reception class. Children have free-flow in and out of the buildings into the garden as much as practically possible, we fully understand the importance of children being able to roam and explore their outside environment when they please (with the helping hand of supportive adults).
At Play Station Nursery we openly welcome all children and their families.

Children accessing the Nursery Education Entitlement Grant are welcomed to the nursery, where we offer flexible sessions to meet the needs of families. Where other settings may be restrictive and limit the times of the sessions that may be accessed, we however are able to offer session times that can start and finish at any time between 7.45-6.15pm. We find that this is often hugely beneficial to working families who may be constrained by working hours and commute times.

We also pride ourselves on our history of providing support to children with a range of different needs. Our experienced practitioners can effectively cater for children with dietary requirements, allergies, certain medical conditions, additional needs and special educational needs.
Special diets are catered for, as all food is freshly prepared daily on the premises. Staff see mealtimes as the greatest opportunity to model good eating practices and importantly encourage conversation and discussion. Staff will sit with the children and often eat the same food. Children are encouraged to serve themselves with adult support and feed themselves.
Children can join the provision at any time if a space is available.

A registration fee of £75 is payable upon children’s registration to Play Station. This fee will contribute to exciting educational trips for the children to enjoy, the purchase of sun cream, protective sun hats and safety bibs, wet weather clothing and the additional supervision required for trips.

Children joining Play Station benefitting from the National Education Grant only will not be required to pay a registration fee.

A sibling discount will be given when two or more children from the same family attend Play Station. In this event the older sibling will receive a 10% discount from the hourly rate.
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